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Cylindrical Lenticular Technology '566
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Cylindrical Lenticular Technology '566

United States Patent 6,251,566
Brosh , et al. Issued: June 26, 2001

Cylindrical image and method
Patent 6,251,566 figure 1


A cylindrical lenticular image is made possible by interlacing of multiple views of an object. The interlaced views are then printed on a substrate and the substrate formed into a cylinder. A lenticular lens is then properly aligned with the substrate. The result is a three dimensional image that can be rotated to reveal a full three-hundred and sixty degree perspective of the imaged object.

Inventors: Brosh; Scott (6500 Impala, Arlington, TX 76017); Gottfried; Phil (1207 Oakwood Trail, Southlake, TX 76092)
Appl. No.: 949715
Filed: October 14, 1997
Current U.S. Class: 430/321; 359/455; 359/619; 359/621; 396/327; 369/330; 430/394; 430/396; 430/397; 430/946
Intern'l Class: G03F 007/20; G03B 021/60
Field of Search:430/394,396

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