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Integral '644
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Integral '644

United States Patent 6,483,644
Gottfried , et al. Issued: November 19, 2002

Integral image and method
Patent 6,483,644 figure 1


A method according to preparing an integral image from an interwoven image is provided. The interwoven image is prepared by interweaving at least two source images which have been divided into cells which themselves have been divided into image elements. By interweaving the image elements within each cell and forming an array of cells, an integral image is formed when the array of cells is viewed through a viewing screen. 3-dimensional, moving or motion, and images which are combinations thereof are formed with the present device. The method can be used in electronic display devices as well as on non-electronic services to form integral images. A 3-dimensional image formed by the present device will generally have a portion which appears to project above the surface of an overlaying viewing screen. A quality control method for the manufacture of three-dimensional integral image devices and for the selection of viewing screens is also provided herein. The quality of the integral image as well as the ease of manufacture and the versatility of integral image control are superior above other known methods for preparing integral image devices.

Inventors: Gottfried; Phil (1207 Oakwood Trail, Southlake, TX 76092); Brosh; Scott (6500 Impala Dr., Arlington, TX 76017)
Appl. No.: 368604
Filed: August 5, 1999
U.S. Class: 359/463; 345/419; 348/59; 352/48; 382/285
Intern'l Class: G02B 027/22
Field of Search:359/458,462,463 345/419 355/22 348/59,54,51 352/57,58 382/285

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