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Lenticular Technology '987
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Lenticular Technology '987

United States Patent 6,329,987
Gottfried , et al. Issued: December 11, 2001

Lenticular image and method
Patent 6,329,987 figure 1


The creation of computer generated lenticular images involves the computer manipulation of at least a first and second source image. The images can be of the same object and can be sequential in time or sequential in spatial perspective, or completely unrelated. The images can be scanned into a computer memory and are interlaced. The input can be any source of image. Likewise, the output can be manipulated to any resolution. The output interlaced image is then printed onto a substrate, such as the back surface of a lenticular lens. The frequency of the interlaced image can be matched to the geometry of the lenticules. Thus, the viewer will see the first image from a first viewing perspective and the second image from a second viewing perspective. The invention also provides quality control methods useful in the manufacture of lenticular lenses and lenticular devices.

Inventors: Gottfried; Phil (1207 Oakwood Trail, Southlake, TX 76092); Brosh; Scott (6500 Impala Dr., Arlington, TX 76017)
Appl. No.: 203982
Filed: December 2, 1998
U.S. Class: 345/419
Intern'l Class: G06T 017/00
Field of Search:345/418,419,433,434,435

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