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Lenticular Examples | Flips | 3D | 2D3D Conversion | Animation
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Lenticular Examples | Flips | 3D | 2D3D Conversion | Animation

Example lenticular images produced with Digillax technology.  Lenticular flips, lenticular animations, 3D Lenticular and 2d3d conversion.

Flip Lenticulars

examples of Harry London Candy flip lenticular

examples of Universal Studios flip lenticular

example of 711-Budwieser flip lenticular
Animated Lenticulars

examples of General Mills lenticular

example of Morphing lenticular

example of Animated lenticular
3D Rendered

example of Digillax 3D Rendered lenticular
3D Photographic

example of Gallow Wine 3D Photographic lenticular

example of Sipes Promotion 3D Photographic lenticular
2D3D Conversions

example of Digillax 2D3D Conversion lenticular

example of Albritton Art Publishing 2D3D Conversion lenticular

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