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Supported Files for Lenticular
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Supported Files for Lenticular

Supported file formats for lenticular printing include, TIFF, PSD, EPS, PDF or any format compatible with Adobe CC.  Lenticular file formats.

1. It is best to have an approved color proof of the supplied art layout, when ever possible, to avoid confusion and additional setup fees. Especially important for color critical projects.

2. Photoshop CS5 compatible CMYK or RGB layered files with elements, type and background on seperate layers. The file should have a resolution of 200 to 300 dpi for graphics under 16" x 20" and 100 to 200dpi for larger images.

3. Illustrator CS5 compatible files, include fonts or convert to outlines.  Elements should be on different layers or at least individually selectable.  Converting Illustrator files to Photoshop layered files can incurr additional setup fees.

4. Quicktime files with alpha channel.  Include any special video codecs needed to access video and an indication of which part of the video sequence is most important. (i.e. the IN/OUT points)

5. GIF animation files.  Be sure there are enough pixels for the size of the print.  A 640 by 480 pixel animation works well for a 3.5" by 2.5" trading card sized image and certainly no larger then 7"by 5" post card size.

6. TIF, JPG, PNG, etc can be used for Flips, Morphs, Animations, Backgrounds or when layered files become too large.  Be sure to include alpha channels as needed.

7. The prefered disk format is CD or DVD.  Alternately you can post your files to our ftp server or send it via email.  Contact Digillax to get your temporary access to our ftp server.

8. Flip and animation image sequences can be saved using the TIFF format with LZW compression.  LZW is a lossless compression and seems to give the smallest file size for flatened images, especially for CMYK images.

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