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Reduce Setup Charges on Lenticular Projects
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Reduce Setup Charges on Lenticular Projects

Find out how to reduce setup charges on your lenticular project.  Prepare images for lenticular 3D, 2D3D conversion, lenticular flip and/or anmiated lenticular effects.

1. Convert Illustrator files to Photoshop before sending art and/or arrange Illustrator document into layers.

2. Convert non layered images, TIF,JPG etc., to Photoshop layered files. Isolate elements of the image from the background to individual layers. Remove isolated elements from background or use an alternate background.

3. We DO NOT support Quark. Quark users must provide an eps or pdf file with fonts converted to outlines.

4. Only provide document files that are one up.  That is do not place frame one and frame two of a flip image in the same document file in a side by side arrangement.  Sometimes this is done so a print can be made showing both images without being lenticular.  Unfortunately the images have to be reworked to be one document each or atleast layers that are placed in register to each other.

5. Contact Digillax Consulting sales@digillax.com with your questions.

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