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Lenticular Printing Technology
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Lenticular Printing Technology

Technology behind Digillax's NO MINIMUM Lenticular printing services.  

Digillax Consulting uses state of the art lenticular imaging technology provided by Digillax Systems.  The patented 3D print technology allows Digillax to provide quality lenticular images at affordable prices.  Hires digital inkjet printers and digital presses are utilized to economically print lenticular images in quanties as low as one and as big as 40" by 60".  

Lenticular lenses utilized by Digillax come in four types.  A 75lpi lens is used for smaller images like business cards, buttons, mouse pads and magnets.  It is most effective with Flip and/or 3D effects and limited animation.  Our 62lpi and 60lpi lenses support images up to 27" wide and performs well with all lenticular effects.  The 20lpi lens is for displays up to 40" by 60" utilizing Flip and/or 3D images.  Our new 40lpi lens is perfect for medium sizes up to 40" wide by 60" tall.  Other lenses available upon request.

Digillax's staff and freelance artists can review your art and make suggestions as to what lenticular effects are possible as well as guide your artist in preparing art so as to reduce lenticular art setup fees.  Typically, a lenticular proof is ready to ship in 48 hours after the art is received.  Complex projects may take longer and incurr additional setup fees.

Our finishing department can support lenticular business cards, buttons, magnets, stickers, mouse pads, counter cards, coasters and tip-ons.  Standard and Custom die cut shapes.

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