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Type setting for Lenticular Printing
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Type setting for Lenticular Printing

Setting up type for your lenticular project.  Find out about fonts and font sizes used in lenticular images.

1. Photoshop CS5 compatible layered files with type layers.  Include fonts associated with file.

2. Illustrator CS5 compatible vector graphic files.  Include fonts associated with file.

3. Some vector formats allow for type without font files or you might not want to send the font.  In Illustrator be sure to create outlines of all type that does not include a font.  Photoshop stores a rendered version of type layers, so fonts are not always needed.

4. We no longer support Quark documents.  Quark users will need to provide eps or pdf files.

5. Problems with fonts can incurr additional setup charges and/or delay delivery.
Always proof read your projects copy carefully.

6. The lenticular lens has a tendency to make thin lines appear and disapear.   On images under 16" x 20" uses fonts no smaller than about 12 point.  Use 14 point if text must be readable for legal reasons, like rules and warnings.  Larger images should use font sizes in the 30+ point range so that no letters are under 1/2" in size.

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